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"We're proud to offer a new way of living downtown and to be a part of this beautiful, historic community. Our vision for Rose Hall is to offer residents the best of Madison along with modern amenities and distinct style.”

Jonathan Kushner, The KRE Group




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Rose Hall offers the best in luxury apartments in Madison NJ, right in the heart of beautiful historic Madison, New Jersey. Amenities include pool, outdoor grills, firepit, indoor & outdoor amenity lounges, fitness center, business center, parking available. Apartment interior includes granite countertops, stainless steel energy efficient appliances, washer & dryer, gas ranges. Studios, three bedrooms, two bedrooms and one bedroom luxuary apartments are available for rent. Steps from Madison train station. Luxury apartments in Madison NJ starting at $2300.

Discover a new way of living downtown and make the most of Madison NJ. Explore the magic of Madison. Classic Style apartments with modern amenities, the best of Madison is now yours. Timeless sophistication in a perfect setting make living the good life easy. Compare Rose Hall Madison to Ave Apartments in Florham Park, Avalon Apartments in Florham Park, Modera 44 Apartments in Morristown and Metropolitan Apartments in Morristown. See the difference for yourself.

Madison, New Jersey is a beautiful example of blending small-town charm with aesthetic beauty. The area is rich with culture and exudes a luxury charm that is difficult to find or surpass. From beautiful architecture to a plentiful assortment of trees and gardens, the area is comfortable and inviting. Just outside town are various winding back roads and paths that provide a delve into nature and natural beauty. The dappled light coming through from a summer sun dotting the world with light and shadow play. Within this environment stands old churches, universities, and now the option of luxury. Older buildings lending charm and dignity to the area as buildings range from stonework to brick and a few more modern offerings. If anything, Madison can be described as a heritage-rich locale. The area is well-known for having above average performance in middle school and up, encouraging a focus on higher education. It also is a wonderfully safe environment, with some of the lowest crime rates to be found. Rose Hall is proud to offer luxury apartments in Madison, giving the opportunity to live in this idyllic setting in the utmost of comfort.
  Located in downtown Madison, Rose Hall’s luxury apartments are centrally placed to take full advantage of what this area has to offer. Providing quick access to the vital areas of town, residents in these luxury apartments can truly enjoy all the functions and shopping of the beautiful area. For those in higher education, Madison has two local Universities. Rose hall is located within walking distance of Drew University, making for a short and convenient commute. Madison offers a variety of sights and experiences, all of which are nearby. The mid-town direct train is less than two blocks away, multiple exquisite restaurants, or take a stroll around town and enjoy the smaller venues. Stepping out of Rose Hall puts residents in the center of town, making everything easy to reach. Most of the town’s center is within walking distance. From the quaint shopping to more local vendors, a wide variety of enjoyable stops are right at one’s fingertips. Town events or gatherings will also be easy to enjoy with such easy access. Additionally, the quick access to all the highlights of town allows you to enjoy the night life as much as the afternoons. Having a luxury apartment in Madison allows you to get home quickly whenever you decide it is time.
  Closer to your new home, we are proud to offer the perfect blend of living. The classic styles of the area are translated into our location- but incorporate all the modern amenities. We are striving to create a beautiful location for residents to be able to live with the distinct style of the area without forgoing anything. Living here grants access to exclusive perks such as a pool with a nearby sun deck. The gorgeous weather of the area provides ample opportunity to swim, enjoy a sunny day relaxing, or some of both. We also have a fire pit for those beautiful nights, allowing you to be warm and comfortable while either socializing with your neighbors or finding a time to enjoy the night sky in a cozy atmosphere. We also offer a BBQ and picnic area in case you wish to enjoy a meal or refreshments outdoors. This is in addition to a beautiful landscaped plaza nestled among the four buildings that compose the Rose Hall location. A fitness center is available for you to enjoy a hearty workout, or simply maintain your form. The luxury apartments in Madison we offer also include benefits such as being gated for exclusive residency, an on-site library for quiet reflection, and a clubhouse for meeting with neighbors On-site maintenance ensures that everything continues to run smoothly, and that any issues are resolved quickly.
  These luxury apartments in Madison will provide ample space to enjoy your time, offering a stylish aesthetic and warm atmosphere. Ample spaces offer ample opportunity to personalize and create your home. While designed to bring in the heritage and vintage feel of the area, these apartments are still the epitome of luxury and ready for your personal touch. Various opportunities exist from a simple studio apartment to something far more involved with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and a den. All of our luxury apartments boast a blended feel, incorporating the timeless sophistication and elegant grace of the area to make living the good life easy. The interior boasts spacious areas punctuated with fine finishes and beautiful touches. Each apartment has a variety of features designed to make life easier. Some amenities are what you would expect, such as air conditioning and a dishwasher. Others are more enticing such as high-speed internet for when you are home and a bike rack to keep your quick transportation ready. Having a luxury apartment in Madison with us also includes the benefits of having off-street parking, hardwood floors, efficient appliances, and many other benefits that range across your lifestyle.